What is 11sixes Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a web-based gaming platform where every user selects 11 players from two real cricket teams. As the real game starts, every user earns points based on the performance of the selected players. 11sixes offers you the chance to play fantasy game in International matches- Test cricket, ODIs, T20s, T10s leagues.

To start earning real cash on 11sixes, you have to join contest by choosing any upcoming match of your choice. Now, select your team using your sports knowledge with available credits. Use your knowledge and win real cash quickly. Keep an eye on leader board during the contest.

Remember to select players on their past performances, as it can help you in earning more points. Once the team is ready, the captain and vice-captain are appointed for the fantasy team, always remember to track the performance of your selected players in real match. Users will earn points on the basis of players’ performances on the field, these performances are converted into points and points into real money.

Daily Fantasy Sports

11 Sixes offers many large prize pools that attract users. At the same time, the app also offers an enhanced user interface. With attractive offers and exciting prizes, 11Sixes users are winning real cash prizes every day with daily bonuses and cash rewards. Directly from signup to cash – out stage, 11 Sixes offer a straight forward window giving users convenient and credible gaming experience. 11 Sixes provides platform for different kinds of cash contests, each with different entry fee and pool prize money.

11sixes is a fun-filled and exciting platform that provides you a game-like feel, while giving you the comfort of doing it from your device. If you are a crazy and excited cricket fan, then you will love playing the game with perfect precision to succeed on this platform.

what is 11sixes Fantasy football

11sixes fantasy football is an exciting game where each player can team up to 11 players. As soon as the game starts, the players get points for the players based on their good performance in the actual match. This is where real fantasy football can enjoy every moment of adventure.

To join an 11sixes fantasy football league, you need to join a match and form a team of players in which you choose 1 goalkeeper, 3 to 5 defenders, 3 to 5 midfielders, and 1 to 3 forward pick. Along with this, you will also have to choose the captain and vice-captain of the team accurately.

But can online fantasy football become so interesting to you? 11sixes fantasy football lets you slack off. It is like you are playing in a real team. Are managing what you have created for every match. It keeps you as an encouragement which you never get tired and the thrill is constant. When you play fantasy football on your own and win more cash every day, you not only get excited, but you also get achievement in it. You can win cash prizes and more every day. To further improve your gaming skills, you can go to the 11sixes fantasy football tips section and become the best in the game. So, start now and play 11sixes fantasy football.

Daily Fantasy Sports

With 11sixes you can enjoy your favorite sports, along with fantasy football games in the daily world, and that too in your cozy game of 11sixes fantasy football, you will be in the role of team administrator. And you can improve your plans and successful strategies with just a few clicks. Just download the 11sixes fantasy football app and start the journey to succeed in 11sixes fantasy football.

Although our 11sixes fantasy football has evolved, this is our core experience. 11sixes Choose your team of 11 great players and then see that you enjoy the game as well as win a cash prize which will be in front of you. The game’s points are awarded as your every action in the game, and you will soon be able to see the victory in front of you.

11sixes is a simpler and more exciting platform that brings 11sixes fantasy football leagues to your experience, giving you a game-like feel, while giving you the comfort of doing it from your device. If you are a crazy and excited football fan, then you will love playing the game with perfect precision to succeed on this platform.

Rise of Kabaddi

It is believed that Kabaddi has been played mainly in the Indian sub-continent for a long time. With the passage of time, this game has developed and established itself as a professional sport today. Kabaddi is derived from the Tamil word 'kai-pidi'. Kai means hand and pidi means to hold, it literally means to hold hands. In other places like Nepal it is known as 'Kapardi' and in Andhra Pradesh as 'Chedugudu'. This is the national game of our neighboring country Bangladesh.

In the twentieth century this game was played with fervor in South Asia. In 1923, an All-India Kabaddi tournament was organized where a committee made some rules and regulations related to the playing of this game.

Rules of Kabaddi

There are 12 players in each team, but during a standard kabaddi match, only seven players play for a team. The remaining five players are present as substitutes. The size of the playing area is different for the men's and women's kabaddi team. Where the ground measures 33 feet x 43 feet for men, it measures 26 feet x 39 feet for women.

The match consists of two halves of 20-20 minutes and a five-minute rest. After the end of one half, both the teams switch their sides. In women's match each half is of 15-15 minutes. In men's kabaddi, there is a line at a distance of 3.75 meters from the mid-line, which is also called the bowl-line. The one who Raid is called a ‘Raider’.

A raider must cross the bolt-line of his opponent's court to collect points and return safely to his own court without a tackle. Each raid lasts for a maximum of 30 seconds and the player has to say 'Kabaddi-Kabaddi' at the time of his raid, which is heard by the referee during the raid. This shows that the entire process of Raid is completed in one breath.