The free hit chip is the most recent inclusion of the current FPL chips, being introduced for the 17/18 season. It was brought in to replace the all out attack chip, which allowed you to play an extra attacker in place of a defender. This was a welcome move, given that the chip was seen as very useless.
Using your chips effectively is an important part of a successful FPL campaign. Accessing the FPL from our guide, here is an overview of the free hit chip. We take a look at what it is, how it is used, and more general strategies for using it throughout the season.

What is free hit chip in FPL?

This chip allows you to perform unlimited transfers for just one gameweek, essentially acting as a one-week wildcard.
When the transfers are made, you will not be docked at any point, and your team will return before your activation of the chip, once the GoMake is over.

How are players’ prices affected?

When it comes to the value of your players when activating the free hit chip, everything will be returned to the state if no transfer was made. Any value created on the players you have transferred on your free hit will be lost, as they are not a permanent fixture in your squad.
If you take a player from your squad on their free hit, which starts the week at £ 6.5, and they go up to £ 6.6, while after being out of your team that week, they will take your post-free hit Will return to the team with his new value of £ 6.6.