11sixes provides you absolutely safe and secure platform to play fantasy cricket on your computer or smartphone anywhere, anytime.

What is 11sixes Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a web-based gaming platform where every user selects 11 players from two real cricket teams. As the real game starts, every user earns points based on the performance of the selected players. 11sixes offers you the chance to play fantasy game in International matches- Test cricket, ODIs, T20s, T10s leagues.

To start earning real cash on 11sixes, you have to join contest by choosing any upcoming match of your choice. Now, select your team using your sports knowledge with available credits. Use your knowledge and win real cash quickly. Keep an eye on leader board during the contest.

Remember to select players on their past performances, as it can help you in earning more points. Once the team is ready, the captain and vice-captain are appointed for the fantasy team, always remember to track the performance of your selected players in real match. Users will earn points on the basis of players’ performances on the field, these performances are converted into points and points into real money.

Daily Fantasy Sports

11 Sixes offers many large prize pools that attract users. At the same time, the app also offers an enhanced user interface. With attractive offers and exciting prizes, 11Sixes users are winning real cash prizes every day with daily bonuses and cash rewards. Directly from signup to cash – out stage, 11 Sixes offer a straight forward window giving users convenient and credible gaming experience. 11 Sixes provides platform for different kinds of cash contests, each with different entry fee and pool prize money.

11sixes is a fun-filled and exciting platform that provides you a game-like feel, while giving you the comfort of doing it from your device. If you are a crazy and excited cricket fan, then you will love playing the game with perfect precision to succeed on this platform.

Get ₹2000* Bonus
Get ₹2000* Bonus