11sixes considers FairPlay a priority and users who violate 11sixes FairPlay terms will be temporarily revoked from 11 sixes account and will be entitled to several consequences. 

User Guidelines

User joining us must have real account and should not use any fake account to gain “refer & earn” cash bonus amount.

Document formality

For all referred users PAN Card should be verified in a particular match if more than 9 PAN Card’s of referred friends of a user are unverified, user will be deemed to have violated the FairPlay terms of 11 sixes and hence legal proceedings will take place.

Multi-account violation

Users creating more than 1 account on 11sixes platform will be deemed to be in violation of 11sixes FairPlay terms because it neither allows nor encourages any user to have more than 1 account on 11sixes.

Earning & Withdrawal process

Withdrawal of winnings by any illegal means or trying to withdrawal winnings by any illegal etiquette will be considered a FairPlay violation in 11sixes.

Account Banned

Violating FairPlay terms & conditions in 11sixes will block the account of user and necessary legal measures will be taken. In other scenarios the total amount held in users account of 11 sixes will be held void and their accounts can also be dismissed.

For more details regarding our FairPlay policy & legalities, tap our legalities policy. Connect With Us

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